Important Factors To Consider When Moving Abroad


The quality of medical services may surprise you, sometimes in a very good way and sometimes not. Chiang Mai and Penang both have excellent 5 star medical facilities with state of the art equipment and foreign trained, English speaking Read More

Cost Of Living

The cost of living comparisons we have developed reflect a responsible, middle ground point of view. However, they don’t reflect the high or low end of the spectrum.We have found single people in Chiang Mai who live very comfortably on Read More


The rules on buying property vary country by country. Some are more difficult than others.A few give preferences to locals, some apply a premium ceiling to preferred expat areas.Our continuing concern is for countries such as Bali where foreigners’ Read More


The process of getting a visa in any Southeast Asian country is usually simple, but the kind of visa you apply for, the duration of stay you get, the ability to have multiple entry and the costs can vary.The most sophisticated program is Malaysia’s Read More


Is One Million Dollars Enough to Retire on ?

It used to be. Now, with people living longer, children costing more money and staying around the home longer, interest rates on saved funds still very low it will provide a subsistence life at best.   Read More


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