Jim Herrler and Ellen Ma

Jim Herrler and Ellen Ma

We created this website for Canadians. Specifically, for the many hundreds of thousands of Baby Boomers ages 44 to 64 who are either 40+ and feeling burnt out, 50+ and approaching the end of their working lives or just weary of six months of snow and ice. Planet Boomer may hold the answer for you.

As Canadians who have lived in Asia for nearly 10 years, we have first hand experience across the region and have asked all the critical questions that you may have.  Can it really cost 50% less?  How do I get there?  What are the best flights?  Is the health care good, great or gory? How do I get a visa and which one?  What about taxes in country and at home?  Is it safe, is the government stable?  Are there people like me there, a community?  Do they speak English?  Should I consider long term or short term?  Above all, which country and which destinations are the right places for me?

We answer all these questions, both the hard and the soft ones.  No one else does who knows Canada and her people.  We also know that hundreds of thousands of Baby Boomers in Canada are not financially prepared for the impending end to their working lives.  Many are staring down the barrel of an underfunded retirement.  We can help guide you from six months of grey skies, snow and ice to bright blue skies, white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. And, we can show you how that life can be had for much less of your money than it will cost at home.

This website and its stories and guides, our books and seminars may just hold the right answer for you.  Come and see.


Jim Herrler and Ellen Ma had long careers in Marketing and Advertising in Canada. Jim was the President of ad agency DDB Worldwide’s Toronto operations and Ellen was VP Marketing at Shoppers Drug Mart, one of Canada’s largest retailers.

In 2006 they rented their downtown home and set out for Singapore and a new life. Fortune next took them to Shanghai where they experienced the Beijing Olympics and Shanghai Expo a year later.  Returning to Singapore after three years they sought another life change in 2014.  This book is their story too as it was the research they did that found them their new home.

Now, they live in an island paradise. More than a dream, a practical paradise with a beachfront condo, 5 star healthcare, a vibrant expat community, a long-term visa and all for a fraction of what an equivalent life would hold for them in Canada. Still proudly Canadian they only gave up their residency, never their citizenship.

Join them as they take you to Bali, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam.

They have a story to tell you and it could change your life.