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Retire now for less in Southeast Asia. The essential guide to health care, living costs, property, taxes, visas in Bali, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia

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"At last, a book that gives complete and practical information in a precise and accurate manner! Easy to read, easy to understand, easy to remember, it is written in a very dynamic style. The authors obviously know what they are writing about. Every time you think you have a new question, you find the answer after a few pages. If you intend to live in Asia, this will probably be your best ever return on investment.  Whatever your age, whatever your plans, rush and buy it!!!  Hubert Sacy, Canada

What a great retirement book! The authors are clearly experts from having lived in Asia and share all their research. The stories of others help bring to life what life could be. You hear the voice of the writer - as if you are sitting together for one-on-one advice. Even the less fun practical information is well organized. The thumbs up summaries help you quickly short list the best places and put the others on a back burner. Wish there were more great books like this. Makes me want to travel with Jim and Ellen.  Joanne Davis

This is an informative, well- researched, compelling, yet practical, guide on what it would be like, as a Canadian, to retire part-time or full-time, in Southeast Asia. In an easy to read style, the authors cover and rate all the practical bases and, through their stories from those who have actually done it, you get a very good view about what it would be like in each country covered. I know what I will be doing this winter - exploring!!!  Gail Johnson

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