Let me introduce ourselves - 5th March

Let Me Introduce Ourselves

David Bailey -  seizing the day!

David Bailey -  seizing the day!

We read your wonderful book (Sell Up Pack Up and Take Off) with great interest and although we had already decided to leave this country it has made it all so much easier.

Let me introduce ourselves.  We are David and Erica and have been married for nearly 48 years and have always worked together. I am 70 years old and Erica is 67 years old.

We believe life is episodic and those that stay in the same episode all their lives are doomed to boredom and frustration as they age. For the last 10 years we had been renovating rural Byron Hinterland property. The GFC and low demand for Lifestyle Rural caused us to suffer severe financial losses. This prompted us to look overseas for a cheaper and better lifestyle. Travel is in our blood and over the years we have spent time in over 40 countries including Asia.Eventually Asia became the choice for excitement and new experiences for us.

Australia for us has changed so dramatically over the last 50 years that we have begun to actively dislike a lot of things about it including the obesity epidemic and the general lack of anything to stimulate us. I could call it the “there is nothing left for us to see or do in this country” syndrome.

Having Sold up Packed up (all in storage in Mullumbimby) we have a One Way Ticket to Kuala Lumpur leaving Brisbane on 5th March 2015. 

We will then travel to Ipoh and have booked 2 weeks at The French Hotel. It was necessary to have an onwards flight from Malaysia to gain a 90 day visa on arrival so we are booked on to Chiang Mai on 2nd June 2015.

The plan is to find a permanent base from which to travel around Asia including India where we have already spent time.

Having travelled as much as we have we have no fears or intrepidation about our plans just a feeling of excitement knowing that we are entering a new episode in the journey of life. 

We are ready to “Seize The Day”