6% GST starts in Malaysia - 31st March

6% GST starts in Malaysia tomorrow. Have booked bus to Malacca, airfares to Kuching from KL, Airfares from Kuching to KL, Airfares from KL to Penang all with Malaysian Airlines at super low prices all without the GST. Our 2nd June Air Asia flight from KL to Chiang Mai is also pre booked GST free.

Yesterday we got a taxi to the movie as the heat at 2pm was stifling. Hailed an old dog of a taxi (and I mean Old Dog!). We hopped in and realised it was a window open air conditioning one. As the taxi wove in and out of the traffic at speed Erica was heard to mutter “It feels like someone has just opened the oven door”. Never a truer word spoken. Felt sorry for the Indian driver and paid him 10RM rather than the 6RM he had quoted. After finding out that 5866 people died on the roads in Malaysia last year we may have been lucky to survive!

I have mentioned previously that there are advertisements in many shop windows for staff. We continue to see them everywhere. There is a chronic shortage of workers and there are currently 2.5 million guest workers in Malaysia. Many of them are illegals and the majority come from Bangladesh or Burma although there are many Indians as well.

Egg displays at Ipoh wet market

Egg displays at Ipoh wet market

Inspected Ipoh Wet Market again today and marvelled at the egg displays. Chicken eggs only 3.4RM for 10 or A$1.20. Duck, quail and black eggs were all there.

Further to my remarks about the smelly movie theatres in Byron and the Tweed, I investigated today and find that the Ipoh Theatres are state of the art, completed only last year (not last century) so they were bound to be superior. Lucky Ipohites.

Noticed innovative bus shelter seats in Ipoh consisting of two close together chrome pipes. Destruction proof and not attractive for vagrants to sleep on. 

Had fabulous Yum Cha at The Ming Court opposite Foh San where we have munched before. It is reputed to be better and although the building was not as fancy the food was superior. It was so tempting that we did not leave until we had consumed eleven and a half dishes including a wonderful Black soup made from sesame seeds and some black ingredient. Not sure what it was but tasted sweet. Including green tea the cost was 42RM or A$14.85. We left feeling like a pair of force fed geese and staggered back to our hotel.

Spent the rest of today searching the internet for more cheap flights to who knows where!