Armenian Street Heritage Hotel - 23rd March

Playing the tourist for a while exploring the streets of the Old Town. Fascinating history at every turn but a frenetic pace with traffic and many tourists from cruise ships in port. Many insipid looking white fellas (could be British!).

Explored a large shopping complex yesterday which was 2 old ones attached to a new one called First Avenue. My how shopping centres have changed as the two old ones were 1960’s style. Had almost forgotten how woeful they were then.

Armenian Street Heritage Hotel

Armenian Street Heritage Hotel

We were in our room when it was serviced this morning and asked the man what he was spraying on the floors. He replied “Chemical”. He then proceeded to flourish a very large dirty looking mop and mop the whole floor including the bathroom. This process involves no sweeping and just moves dirt around. It is either a very new method of floor cleaning or a very old one (Heritage?). No surface was wiped in the process but our dirty old bathmat from yesterday was replaced by a towel! Erica who is a cleanliness freak was seen to look stunned!      

Have been using the Free Penang Hop on Hop off bus to get around. Very convenient for the tourist. Visited the Penang Museum which cost a heady 1RM each for entry. It was extremely interesting as it covered the history of Penang from the beginning and explained the ethnic mix. I must say whilst Georgetown is very historic and is full of interesting buildings the traffic is a real downside.

Yet to explore the many apartment blocks out of town where an expat might take up residence.