Back to Ipoh - 28th March

Got up early, walked from hotel to the Jetty, boarded ferry to Butterworth, bus to Ipoh and taxi to French Hotel.  Nothing unusual to report.

On arriving back in Ipoh we ventured on foot to the Ipoh Parade shopping centre primarily to keep cool until our room was ready. There happened to be a Health Expo on there to mark World Cancer Day. We hung around the health insurance displays to no avail as the staff did not meet our aged eyes and seemed very attentive to work on their desks. Rebuffed and feeling a little not wanted we moved further around the displays until at last an attractive young Muslim lass approached us offering free blood pressure and sugar tests. At least one health worker cared for us. It was not to last. We were scooped up by a very talkative Indian Doctor who insisted we come over to his Palliative Care Stand. We did not realise that all this travel was affecting our appearance that much. Staunch resistance on our part enabled us to make a rapid getaway and we retired to lick our wounds. The same Doctor later spotted us in another part of the centre and insisted we take a brochure each. Hopefully palliative care is some way off for us.