Honesty & Trust Malaysian Style - 14th March

This morning set off on foot to the Darul Ridzuan Museum ready to battle Malaysian School Holidays crowds. On arrival we found a drowsy looking lady in a ticket box who proceeded to tell us that it was only open weekdays. We wondered if she lived in the ticket box as it seemed odd she was manning it when it was closed. This leads me to mention that Sam our ethic Chinese Driver from yesterday told us that Malays were lazy. Maybe this is what he was talking about.

Shady foot path

Shady foot path

On the way to the museum we encountered a shady foot path beside the busy road. The only problem was the trees were so low that the only way we could traverse the area was in a stooped position which was quite challenging for our aging necks!

Have just returned from Brunch at 11am. We ate at Restoran Tauge Ayam LOU WONG in Jalan Yau Tet Shin in the New Town.

The specialty is Bean Sprout Chicken and it was sensational. The chicken tasted like chicken of my childhood and the chillies, crunchy bean sprouts and sauces made it a memorable dish. The cost was 19RM or A$6.70 for the two of us.

A word on honesty and trust. It has not escaped our attention that In Ipoh cafes you order your food and pay later. This contrasts with Oz cafes where you pay first (as though you might do a runner) and get your food or coffee later. Maybe this does not happen all over Malaysia. Will let you know later.

Purchased some Chinese egg tarts from our local café on our way home just in case we get peckish later! Making an Ipoh White Coffee so maybe the tarts may not last.

I must mention our digestive systems even though it is a delicate topic. We have been in Ipoh for almost 9 days. Have eaten with the locals in street cafes hawkers markets and apart from not drinking the tap water (a sensible move in Asia) have made no special attempts to stay super sanitized western style. To date our alimentary tracts have shown no signs of distress. 

It's 3.30pm and still holed up at hotel as very clear skies and 34°C makes it too uncomfortable to be outside.     

Ipoh fashion

Ipoh fashion

Just got back from Ipoh Parade Shopping centre Travel Expo. We were amazed at the low prices they were quoting to get to anywhere in the world. Japan was particularly inexpensive compared to Oz price to go there. The general populace were out in large numbers and lots of trips were being sold. Another good reason for the travel minded Oz retiree to base themselves in Asia.

Discovered that the museum we tried to visit is Government run and under renovation.  It may not open in the foreseeable future. Whilst we are not here to visit attractions, it could be a problem for a visitor that was. Lots of great people watching on our walk and the cafes were just starting to fill again. Traffic very heavy.