Sunset over Sarawak - 27th April 2015

Awoke this morning to a front page photo in The Star newspaper of 12 ISIS motivated persons being arrested near Kuala Lumpur in the Klang Valley. They had in their possession large amounts of explosives and were planning attacks on government buildings, entertainment venues and attractions. They are ISIS sympathisers and were answering a call to attack Muslim States that are secular. It looks like being in a Muslim state may no longer grant immunity from this type of action. We were pleased to note that the paper stated that Langkawi was not on their list. We are going there next week.

Having a quiet morning after yummy breakfast in the courtyard area at the rear of the Batik Boutique Hotel. It is a lovely relaxed area with plenty of seating, fans and great ambience. Looking to see where we might go on return from Langkawi on the 8th May. We are trying to get 21 days stay in a furnished condominium in The Shore Tower 3 in Melaka and Chea our contact has just given us the email of a lady from the developers to try. We are waiting for her reply but are not super hopeful as they normally only do 12 month leases in Malaysia. It would give us a good idea of what it would be like to be based in one for 12 months. The pools and gym facilities would allow us to “rehone” our bodies ready for more travel.

Erica is researching Laos and the Philippines whilst I trawl for cheap airfares. Just found one to Manilla from Kuala Lumpur return on Air Asia for 1400RM or $500 for two. It is nearly a four hour flight and 2493 kilometres each way. I always amortize airfares over the length of stay and this one works out for 20 days there at 70Rm or $25 per day (Pensioner prices!).

Erica is now looking at boat trip down the Mekong from Chiang Saen on the Golden Triangle into Laos at Luang Prabang while we are in Thailand. Sounds great but a bit expensive for ageing retirees! Having time to plan and research on the internet is fantastic for travellers like ourselves and saves enormous amounts of money.

Sunset over Sarawak river

Sunset over Sarawak river

We have been shopping around for a Samsung Galaxy A5 to replace my aging HTC phone but the prices are basically the same all over the world as are all international brands of merchandise so no bargains to be had here. Erica has a Galaxy S 10.5 inch pad that has a very clear Amelod screen that is great for ageing eyes especially in bright daylight and that is why we are looking at the A5 with Amelod screen. No hurry as long as we don’t develop “Engine Failure”!

Heavy rain falling in Kuching at the moment and it does not look like easing. Can now see why the drains are so deep here.

Just had yummy street food for about 15RM or $5.35 Australian including lime juice. We ate it before we remembered to take a pic!