Cenang beach - the island's best - 4th May 2015

One of the common things we have observed so far in Malaysia and seems to be a real problem here in Langkawi is the high incidence of 'Tropical Lassitude' amongst the native Malays. Saw a sign in Kuching on a Pandanus Palm saying that eating it was a cure for 'Tropical Lassitude' but I doubt all the Pandanus in Malaysia could help here.  Must stress this is just an observation not a criticism and have to admit we are starting to feel a touch of 'Tropical Lassitude' ourselves!

Erica has just told me that Casa Del Mar just up the road on the same beach is about 1,400RM or more than seven times the price we are paying. Have settled in assisted by a bottle of Duty Free Chilean wine and the memory of our poor reception at the Malibest Resort is fading.

The beautiful sunset last night along the white sandy beach was picture perfect and we would have taken a pic but the wine was too seductive.

Morning beach walk on Cenang beach

Morning beach walk on Cenang beach

Had a long morning stroll along Cenang beach and we can see why it is reputed to be among the island groups best.  We thought we might seem overdressed in shorts and tops but to our surprise most on the beach were in their normal street clothes. The Muslim women were in the water in their full attire and all the men had t-shirts on. A western couple who walked by us in normal Australian beach attire looked quite out of place here.

It has not escaped our notice that everyone in the Cenang Beach area is between 30 and 50 years younger than us! It makes me think Langkawi may not be the place for ageing expats to relocate to.

Visited Underwater World and we were pleasantly surprised by the great displays and variety of sea life. Entry was 30RM for Malaysians and 40RM or $14.25 Australian each for us foreigners. We were the only foreigners in the place as it turned out.

Underwater world

Underwater world

It looks like Langkawi being 99% Muslim does not get a public holiday for The Buddha’s Birthday as the whole place is very quiet today. As the public transport is non-existent you either rent a wreck from about $60RM or $21.50 Australian a day and self drive or take taxis that charge around 30RM an hour. Our taxi to hotel was also 30RM and shorter trips around the island are about that. There appears to be “honesty amongst taxi drivers” here.

After yesterday’s bad start the Malibest newest building with ocean views is starting to get to us. www.malibestresort.com and the room is exactly as represented on their site as a Superior Room. It is clean, modern and has a writing desk and chair. Also has fridge and safe and a small balcony. Another resort nearby is the Kawasan Hotel which has wooden buildings on the beach front and there are many others to choose from. The main thing is to be sure you are going to be beachfront as many have road facing rooms and even worse a section of the hotel on the other side of the busy beach road.

The beach after about 10am is taken over by jet skis, banana boat rides and various other water rides and the tranquil beach is lost for the rest of the day. We have four more nights here and being resilient people we will have a great time. Going for sunset beach walk later. Off to the Langkawi cable car and sky walk in the morning. www.panoramalangkawi.com