Boutique hotels in Melaka - May 15th 2015

Have been checking out some of the best boutique hotels in Melaka and the following two are the standouts for the well- heeled expat.

The Majestic is an old- world Hotel right across the river from The Shore and next to The Putra Private Hospital. It rates run from 444RM or $158 Australian up to 1200RM or $428 Australian depending on the size of your wallet! A beautiful Old Lady.

The Sterling is closer to the Tourist area and is another beauty. Rooms here range from 400RM or $143 Australian to 1300RM or $464 Australian. Another charmer with only about 40 rooms.

There is a wide variety of accommodation here and it depends on one’s pocket and taste as to which you choose.  We are still enjoying The Shore!

If you have money and are over 60 years of age, I suggest you spend it on yourself as the old saying goes, “at the end of the game the King and the Pawn both end up in the same box”.

On the way to The Sterling Hotel we passed my Chinese Barber who was merrily chopping the locks from another victim! Short back and side’s rules here.

The pool area for kids on level 9 at The Shore is full of entertaining water fountains and spouts including the waterfall that cascades from the floating gym. At the weekend was full of kids having a good time but now the photo opportunity has arisen and I have taken some pics.

Today rather than try the gym, I walked up the fire stairs to our condo on the 17th floor from the ground floor without any problems. Plan to make it a daily routine!

A sign looking for hotel staff I took a pic of tells the wages story here. The amounts quoted are per calendar month. The exchange rate is currently about 2.8RM to the Aussie dollar.

Help wanted sign for hotel staff

Help wanted sign for hotel staff

Charcoal Pork Satay

Charcoal Pork Satay

On our walk along the river today we were distracted by a topless lass hanging out her washing outside a Kampung beside the path! As we walked past The Wayfarer Guest House (where we have stayed before) our old housekeeper recognised us and gave us a smile and a wave. In the Guest house street we were seduced by a Charcoal Pork Satay place and ordered 10 sticks each with rice. They were so delicious we ordered 10 more and washed it down with Lime Juice. Yum Yum!

After that interlude we walked the full length of Herren Street, the more upmarket street in town looking at all the wonderful renovations and conversions that are going on there. Spent a few hours doing this including another stroll up Jonker Street sans the tourist mobs. They arrive tonight from places like Singapore for the weekend. They were already lined up at the famous Chicken rice ball place at lunchtime. We will hole up at The Shore over the weekend.