The day did not go as planned! - May 22nd 2015

We are still talking about Eric’s help yesterday. His assistance to us was incredible and I forget to mention yesterday that great conversations we had on the way back to The Shore. It gave us an even better insight into Melaka. When he dropped us off, he gave us his business card saying to call him if we needed any help with anything. We were indeed lucky to have met him.

The news last night was full of The Prime Minister Najib explaining The New 11th Malaysia Plans. When the English news version came on, we got a much better idea of what it entails. From what we could conclude Malaysia faces a fairly rosy future with big lifts in average income coupled with 5 to 6% growth per annum in GDP with inflation between 2.5 and 3%. Kuching is one of four cities earmarked for further development with large amounts of money allocated for this. The development plan is to be formulated by Kuching which sounds like a good idea. These plans taken at face value bode well for anyone thinking of investing in Malaysia.

Just for fun, I checked Health insurance plans with a comparison web site. It turns out they vary for Erica and I combined from $8,558US to $25,228US with the latter being shown as a best buy but still with maximum payout of $15,000US. Very glad we do not need any! The take a risk strategy for the over 65 expat seems an easy choice.

We leave for a month in Chiang Mai on the 2nd of June and will miss The Shore and the friendly welcoming people of Melaka. Whilst Melaka ticks all our boxes as a place to live in South East Asia, it is the warm, friendly welcoming people here that really make it a great place.

Although there are many smaller condominiums for sale in Melaka for around 300,000RM or $106,000 Australian they are below the 500,000RM threshold for foreign purchasers put in place recently to prevent lower priced property becoming too expensive for locals. (A very good idea).

Most new condominiums big enough for permanent living in places like The Shore and the yet to be completed Hatten City are over that threshold so purchasing would not be a problem for expats.

Have just stepped out of another wonderful full flow hot shower. (I will spare you a pic of the experience!) It took me back to the late sixties, early seventies in Australia when the population was only 11 million and shower flow restrictors had not been invented. The days when your back was caressed by the cascades of water flowing from the shower head. (Not pierced by thin jets of water with guilt attached to a longer than 2 minute session.)  It made me question if Australia has really come far in this area.

The Water Cycle is widely known.  When you consider one cannot “use" water as it all goes back into the great water pool of the atmosphere, rivers and oceans undiminished what is the problem with a long hot shower? Our so called “Water Consumption” merely holds up its progress through the “Water Cycle” temporarily.  Build more dams I say.  Just imagine a full flow long guilt free hot shower every day! It could change your life.

Enough of my opinion on this topic and on with the day. Having wine in stock, we can relax on that front and have another lazy day planned.  A river walk to the Mahkota area, take in a movie (Mad Max this time) eat the free popcorn and follow up with a fabulous Indian meal at Selvam Indian Restaurant. Planning to eat Tandoori Chicken and Masala Roti amongst others. Our mouths are already watering at the thought! A lazy stroll back along the river as the sun goes down should be a great finish. In reality who knows how the day will unfold. The only thing we know is it will be interesting.

The day did not go as planned! We strolled along the river walk and came upon a group of about 10 American students. They asked could we take a pic for them and we obliged. They only had 2 nights in Melaka and by good fortune had already eaten at Sevlam Indian. Erica gave them some pointers on what to see and I had a long chat about our travels to one of the guys. We gave him the Planet Boomer web site address so that he could learn more about life in Melaka.

Life in disguise

Life in disguise

The day was hot and we continued on to the Golden Screen cinema in The Dataran Pahlawan Mega Mall downtown. Had a bit of a problem finding the cinema but help from several security guards found a lift foyer entrance. Spent a few minute looking for the lift that was disguised by movie posters on its doors. Took a pic of Erica and the lift and were about to enter when Erica exclaimed “I have left my glasses at The Shore”. As viewing a movie in sunglasses would be a waste, we went to a supermarket, bought some bananas, tomatoes and a bottle of water and walked home! Will catch the movie on Monday.

Erica had noticed a sale in the mall of Guardian Pharmacy things. She bravely battled the crowds and came out with 4 packs of antibacterial wipes for 7RM or about$2.50 Australian. Good buying although the day certainly did not go as planned!