Test Pilot living in Melaka - 29th April 2015

Transiting through Kuala Lumpur Airport on way to Penang, we chuckled as we were fingerprint scanned at Kuching International Airport on departure just as we were on the way in! Seemed a bit of an overkill but every state or country has the right to run their immigration the way they see fit. At check in security scan the buzzer sounded and I was asked to take off my belt. Erica was horrified as my shorts began the slow journey to the ground but a quick response prevented the situation reaching its climax!

KLIA 1 as this part of the airport is called has a mixture of International and Domestic flights and could easily be confusing for the less alert. Short times between flights here would be something I would avoid. Malaysia Airlines recommends 3 hours to transfer from Domestic to International as it is further complicated by a remote International hub that is only accessible by air train. The gates change quite frequently (both our two flight through here have) and passengers are seen scurrying to new gates when they arrive a little late. Overall once you get to know the beast it is a pretty user friendly airport.

Have just come from Penang Airport on the south of the island to The Armenian Heritage Hotel. There are hundreds of apartment blocks along the route to Georgetown of varying standards. Traffic was not too bad but compared to Kuching we got the feeling that we were back in a busy city. Accommodation here was hard to get tonight as the ASEAN conference is being held at nearby Langkawi Island. We had to settle for a smaller room at a higher price. I guess that is what you call supply and demand at work.

Are just finalizing our stay at The Shore Condominiums in Melaka for 25 days to Test Pilot living in Melaka. We have negotiated a short term rental from the developers of a 1300sq foot, 3 bedroom one on the 16th floor and are looking forward to using the 9th storey lap pool and other facilities. It will really test out the premise we have that aging expats could live there.

Just rang our daughter Sascha in Brisbane and it was lovely to hear her voice. Talked for about 45 minutes for around $2 Australian. Retirees can definitely afford to call their families in Australia often at these low prices.