Free Tri Shaw Ride - May 27th 2015

Managed to change countries to visit after Thailand late yesterday. We are now booked on Air Asia to Colombo Sri Lanka on the 1st July returning 29th July. Best fare we could get with 25kg baggage allowance was 1530RM for us both or $540 Australian. Amortised over 29 days there it is $18.64 a day.

We have a night booked at the new Tune Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 where Air Asia are based on our return from Chiang Mai on 30th June and fly out to Sri Lanka from there next day so it will be a “No Stress” change of countries.

Erica is back on Sri Lanka hotel search! Will have to go to The Philippines later on.

While watching Mad Max movie yesterday, we both thought we recognised the desert settings. On Googling the movie, we were right as it was shot in Namibia in the Namib Desert. After Erica’s second bout of Cancer in 2000 we threw financial caution to the wind and flew from tented camp to tented camp by private plane through Tanzania, Kenya and Namibia. In Namibia it was a bit like being in an Imax movie as we swept along the Namib Desert Coast at low level between Damaraland to Swakamond (where we had wonderful private seafood lunch on the beach) and then on to Sossevlei. We climbed those same sand dunes at Sossevlei as we saw in the movie!

Still on movies, we were interested to see that the new James Bond Movie “The Spectre” being made at the moment moves to Morocco in June to shoot at Erfoud, an oasis town in The Sahara Desert.

Tomorrow is our 47th Wedding Anniversary and we clearly remember being in Erfoud for our 29th one in 1997! We went out into the Erg Chebbi dunes of The Sahara Desert at dawn and climbed the pristine sand dunes. The only footprints were ours!   Erica found a beautiful golden lizard burrowed into the inhospitable sand. What a wonderful romantic start to the day. We loved Morocco!

A cultural day is planned with several museum visits. Who knows how it will turn out as everything does not always go to plan?

Free Tri Shaw ride

Free Tri Shaw ride

A funny thing happened on the way to the museum. We headed off along the river passing ominous cranes heralding the start of a vast new shopping centre. Arriving at The Red Dutch Square (tourist area number one) and walking briskly to avoid any Tri Shaw touts we heard a man’s voice beside us say ‘hello”. Turning to look we met the eye of an Ethnic Indian Tri Shaw rider.

A conversation ensued and when we mentioned we were on our way to the Architectural Museum he kindly offered to take us there no charge. We protested but he insisted as he was on the way to pick up his granddaughter who was taking an exam near the museum. As he pedalled us along, he told us he was born in Melaka during the Japanese occupation and that his birth certificate is written in Japanese! He also told us that when the Japanese came in 1941 they ordered side cars to be made for bicycles for transport in the heat and so the Tri Shaw was born.

Long house doors

Long house doors

Erica told him we had not been on a Tri Shaw before as we thought it too hard for the older men to pedal. He reassured us it was not and Erica asked him who his heaviest passengers were. The heaviest he said were coloured Americans followed by the Swiss and Hong Kong Chinese.

The museum was great but nobody else was there. Was the museum for the whole of Malaysia and some beautiful carved long house doors were a feature. It covered all the styles of building in Malaysia for a thousand years.

Cooled off in a large shopping centre food court and had Clay pot Chicken Rice with Mushrooms and Clay pot Yee Me with prawns and Fish Balls for 13.90RM or $4.90 Australian. Finished off with a Durian Yoghurt Ice Cream. Yum Yum!