A great start to the day - May 24th 2015

Leisurely Sunday. We arose late and decided to further check yesterday’s Indian Festival. On the way there along the river we noticed 2 young men photographing the mango roots. Erica and I were just discussing going to the Philippines when hearing the word Philippines the young men turned and said, “we are from the Philippines”.

A long conversation ensued where they gave us tips on travelling there and we gave them tips on the rest of their travels in Malaysia. A great start to the day.

It turns out our assumptions about yesterday’s festival were all wrong and the real facts are below.

Long Sunday lunch

Long Sunday lunch

Anniversary of Sant Sohan Singh’s Prayer: during the last week in May, the resident Sikh community head for the Sikh temple on Jalan Temenggong where a memorial service is held in honour of Sant Baba Sohan Singh, an important Sikh teacher. This three-day festival includes free meals on temple grounds, recitation of scripture and the singing of holy hymns. Only held in Melaka where he lived.

Very hot day in Melaka so after cooling off in an air conditioned shop we positioned ourselves under a fan in Famosa Chicken Rice Ball for a long lunch. We had Roast Pork, 6 Chicken Rice Balls, Ipoh Bean Sprouts (the plump ones), Green Garlic Vegies, Tofu in Oyster Sauce and 2 Sour Plum Lime Drinks. Cost was 43.45RM or $15.35 Australian. Yummy!

Headed home along the River to read the Sunday paper. On the way, a Pakistani man stopped us with a welcoming smile as though we were long lost friends. Maybe my tan is getting a little dark and he thought I was a fellow Pakistani! Must watch that.