American Express Platinum Card's Ace Insurance - June 20th 2015

Frustrating day for us. I am confined to quarters under Doctors instructions and Erica is going out and returning with small portions of bland food to enable me to take all those tablets after food. It has been a strange experience to be transformed from someone who loves eating to someone who eats to live. It has given me an insight into how people that do not “Love” food feel.

Have commenced an email dialogue with Ace Insurance who provide American Express Platinum Charge Card holders with free Travel Insurance Cover. The wording of their policy on which we rely states roughly quoted that “you must have paid for your travel with your card”. It makes reference to a “Trip” without a definition in a glossary of terms. On discussing my problem yesterday Ace were happy to provide support but pointed out they would have to check out if we were on a “Trip”. They interpret a trip to have to be a return one. As I have not booked return tickets yet as we do not know where we will be returning from they inferred that we may not be covered for a major claim until we book a return.

I have pointed out to them that a one way trip can be booked on any airline and that they have return listed as an option if one wishes to return. If all Trips had a return implied then the words “Round Trip” would have no use in the English language but are widely used.  On trawling through Dictionary definitions they vary from “a journey between two points” (the one I believe!) to “a journey to a place and return” and many in between the two.

I will keep you posted on the dialogue with Ace Insurance.

Another interesting thing has emerged from yesterday’s experience. We have usually travelled with a large bag of medications to treat just about everything that could possibly go wrong. This trip we elected not to take anything with us. This has proved to be the right decision here as thegrab bag of medicines prescribed to me yesterday are the right ones to cure me wheras “self -medicating” may have not helped me at all as specific drugs are needed to control local bugs.

On the River Nile many years ago we were cruising from Luxor when a gastric outbreak spread throughout the boat. An Egyptian doctor on board saw each one of us as it worked its way through the whole boat and treated us with 2 large tablets that fixed you overnight(he knew what the bug was). An Australian Doctor travelling with us also used the Egyptian and had no idea what was in the magic tablets but they worked.

The above is not to say do not take any emergency medicines with you but merely to point out local knowledge from a local Doctor may be better than self-medication. I would always refer to your insurers help line for advice.

An article in Friday’s Bangkok post talks about the downturn in European and Russian tourist to Thailand. This has been made up by the huge upturn in Chinese visitors. The article bemoans the fact that “No coin” tours from China are hurting the Thai tourist business as everything is packaged from China. No cash is spent by the tourists as the guides only use shops etc. that they have commission arrangements with and are very tough on negotiating accommodation rates.

 It reminds us of the days when Japanese Tourists “took over” the Gold Coast in the early 80’s. We clearly remember a Japanese Tour operator coming to our Zoo with an interpreter and the conversation was roughly “If you want Japanese Tours to come to your Zoo you just need to pay this man”. When we pointed out that “We were fresh out of Bribes” they quickly made an exit!