Another lazy day at Unawatuna Beach - 15th July 2015

Another Yummy breakfast and Erica had “spicy” scrambled eggs. Take that to mean laced with chilli. She said it tasted very nice! I partook of scrambled eggs and the great toast and jam.

Another lazy day at Unawatuna Beach. Went for our morning walk and were surprised at the variety of the old wooden sun lounges that dot the beach foreshore. Some were heaped up like a modern sculpture awaiting the tourist season or possibly the bonfire! A group of locals staying at The Sea Song Rooms (the old blue place with the topless mermaid on their sign) were sitting on the beach enjoying the morning. Passed a group of fishermen sitting on their boat. The actually row these ones out to fish and most mornings we see one or two rowing back to shore.

Passed a group of playful beach dogs. Each group has their own territory and defends it against intruders. A pair of barefoot Electrical workers were spotted on the road behind the beach seemingly oblivious of the passing traffic danger and Work Place Health and Safety in general.

Erica decided to take a little sun and was joined by her feline friend. A heavy thunderstorm ensued and she was forced to take shelter. A Swiss couple with their two children that had been walking by joined us to shelter. An interesting conversation took place that covered many topics including the low Australian Dollar, the high Swiss Franc, Greece, the rise of China and using to search for accommodation. A very interesting hour or so.

Erica had booked some Ubud accommodation for our first week there but this morning found a cheaper better place and we were able to cancel one and book the other with no penalty. She is definitely “The Booking Queen” as this move saved us $10 Australian a night!

We have booked for an extra 2 nights here when we return from our Yala Safari. I have borrowed a book from the library here and plan more relaxation before we head off in the morning.