Body Composition Analyser - May 30, 2015

Got a free Body Composition Test on a Tanita Body Composition Analyser at the Exercise Appliance Shop below.

Like most men I have fallen victim to the gaze into the mirror, stomach pulled in with chest puffed out (rose coloured glasses on) seeing oneself as a prime specimen of modern man! It always amazes me that Men are able to look at themselves this way where-as Women see themselves as having many faults and judge themselves harshly.

Well the Body Composition Analyser certainly brought me undone! It broke my body down into raw statistics: 19Kg Fat Mass, 58.8Kg Muscle Mass, 3.2Kg Bone Mass (Total Weight of 81Kg). Degree of Obesity 13.6% it heralded as I perused the printout. It also announced that I was 54.8% Water.

Sheepishly showed Erica the results and convinced her to take the test. Needless to say the Machine gave her near perfect scores and even suggested her fat levels were a tad low and she needed to put on weight! We Googled the expensive Tanita Machine and found they are very accurate and reliable.

Decided to tackle the 17 storey stairs today carrying 3 litres of water in bottles to address the obesity problem! Have just returned from the exercise with a pulse rate of 95 (normally 80 after my climb) so it did make me work harder. My resting pulse has now returned to its normal 60. I have the local Ambulance number just in case!

Went for an evening stroll along the river to Jonker Street to see the city lights. Jonker street was chaotic with Asian tourists here for the weekend and there were many brightly lit Tri Shaws.

Steve Lee and Cheah Yew Mun visited us today and answered our list of questions about leasing long term and purchasing in The Shore. It was a pleasure to have a chat to them and we will be in touch with Cheah on our return to Malaysia on 29th July. In a nutshell it is much, much cheaper to buy or lease here at The Shore in an excellent building than anywhere in Australia. A retiree could live here very comfortably on a retirement income and still have money left over to travel.

Late lunch again (becoming a habit) at Lot 10 Hutong food court in our building. Erica had Ipoh Chicken Bean Sprouts which she remarked was almost as good as Ipoh. I had Pork Won Ton Mee. Total cost was 24RM or about $8.50 Australian.