Central Festival Shopping Centre and a movie - 22nd June 2015

Arose this morning to some relief from my malady. It looks like a second visit to RAM Chiang Mai Hospital will not be required.

Erica has found our accommodation now for Galle as well as Kandy covering the first 11 nights in Sri Lanka.  She has once again found cheapies that are goodies! She spends a lot of time researching and always comes up with the goods! It has been a difficult few days for her with me confined to quarters cramping her naturally adventurous nature but we should be out and about today.

Today is the day that 31 years ago my Father died. He was a great influence on me in my childhood and he was responsible for my enquiring mind.  From an early age he introduced me to Encyclopaedia Britannica and my thirst for knowledge has never ceased.

He was struck down at 64 with a Golden Staph infection following surgery in Albury Hospital. I was with him and my Mother when he died. It really made me wonder about life and how long we all have as he had never had a sick day in his life. He had been a Navigator in Night Fighters during World War 2 risking his life every day and he used to say to me that every day was a bonus as many of his friends never returned.  A good philosophy I think.

Decided I could venture out today and the safest place was Central Festival Shopping Centre and a movie. While waiting for a complimentary bus outside our hotel a young Chinese couple who were also waiting approached us. It turns out the free bus had already gone and as they spoke good English we agreed to share a Red Taxi Truck.

Was a very interesting journey where we discovered they were from Beijing. They learnt English as a second language at school and new that Sydney property was expensive as they explained it is Beijing. We discussed our exports to China and how China was on the rise, the influence of Chinese immigrants on South East Asia and the influx of Chinese tourists in Chiang Mai. He explained that a movie showing in China has been depicting Chiang Mai in a very good light and was the major contributor to this surge. Very articulate modern young Chinese and appeared to bode well for China’s future.

Watched “Survivor” with Pierce Brosnan and it was riveting. Once again not to the locals taste and I snapped another pic of Erica looking very lonely in the cinema. Had a Tuna sandwich for lunch and am feeling much better. Noticed a group of shoppers sitting at the tiniest stools and table in the food court.

Took a pic of a loaf of bread labelled as being “Peeled” (crusts removed) which we thought was hoot. Once again we struck all skin creams listed as “Whiteners” and one promising to make you “Fair”. Erica spotted some unusual large green beans and a friendly Thai customer explained they have a bitter centre and are used in curries.

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