Chiang Mai certainly is a place of contrasts - June 17th 2015

Finally got one visa approved on Sri Lankan immigration site but Erica’s froze at the final payment stage. Will try again later. Have found out you can get 2 by 30 day extensions whilst still in the country.

Headed off down our street to explore new streets in the old town. Within about 200metres we found a street vendor with a large wok on a burner frying sesame batter coated half bananas. He already had customers waiting so we moved in for the kill! They cost 20 Baht for 6 half hot bananas or 78 cents Australian. Walked on a way and sat in the shade and consumed them all. Fortunately they were too hot so we snapped some pics before they disappeared.

A monk passed by in a Range Rover while on the other side of the road a homeless lady pushed her belongings along. All this before we got to the end of our street. Chiang Mai certainly is a place of contrasts.

Into the next street as planned and we paused to review the second hand scooter offerings at a showroom. Erica fell for a little black and silver number and should we end up her could be quite likely to be her new mode of transport. Price was only 31.000 Baht or $1,192 Australian. It had only done 7,890KM. At these prices any retiree/pensioner could afford to throw their leg over one of these beauties!

Next on our discovery walk was Wat Pan Tao built of Teak in around 1854. Its grounds had inside the biggest tree we have ever seen. We think it must be an old teak tree as it was so straight. As with everywhere here the Chinese Tourists were taking selfies so I snapped a pic of them in front of the Wat. Walked along Moon Muang beside the old canal and as it was exceptionally hot we paused at a bench in the shade of a big tree to cool down. We were joined by several Tuk Tuk drivers and Red Taxi Trucks parked in the shade to keep cool.

Just before the corner of the moat we spotted a club and Foundation for Senior’s and The Older People Of the North so made a mental note to join if we settle here!

The uglier side of Chiang Mai raised its head as we took the last leg home past the bars along this section of the moat. A very drunk old western man staggered out along the street. Not a pretty sight! Several others of similar ilk were at the bar as we passed by.

Erica is off getting a Thai foot massage and I have just got her Sri Lanka ETA online Visa approved so all is well in our world!