Drive into the Hinterland - June 26th 2015

Erica have beautiful fresh Mangosteens and Rambutans last night while I scoffed down my slices of dry bread with honey so as not to irritate my digestive tract.

Samoeng forest

Samoeng forest

At 8.30am our Taxi driver picked us up along with Glenn and we headed out into the hinterland on our planned North West loop returning from the south. Heavy traffic to clear the city and then a delightful country drive climbing up to the Samoeng Forest. The country side up there reminded us of Wilsons Creek near Mullumbimby where we lived for more than 10 years. The clouds were kissing the mountain tops and the lush vegetation and the clear cool mountain air lifted our spirits.

Passed many tourist attractions such as Snake Farms, Elephant Camps, Ethnic Villages, Monkey Training School and roadside cafes. When I say passed I mean passed including the Four Seasons Resort. Our driver soon got the idea that we were looking at the countryside not attractions. Stopped at The Orchid Farm and after shelling out 100Baht each or $3.84 Australian we were surprised at the vast numbers of beautiful orchids there. The also supply the Cut Orchid Flower trade and clone tissue to sell to others. We were pleased we had stopped there.

The entry charges on this Tourist drive were a surprise as when the driver stopped at the entrance to a National Park with Waterfalls they requested 1800 Baht or $69 Australian for 3 of us. We politely declined!

Returning to the City from the South we noticed large gated communities with big house. Our driver explained that for $200,000Australian you could buy a pretty nice one. Onwards to a factory area (Very Touristy) and we declined to visit most but a timber one with free entry seduced us. They had the biggest amount of quality teak and Rosewood furniture we had ever seen. The highlight was two 300 year old logs, one Teak and one Rosewood. The furniture was not our cup of tea but craftsman ship was superb and I am sure would appeal to the Chinese visitor.

Had a chuckle when we dropped Glen off at his new pad in the Night Bazaar. It is right opposite a well-known club called “The Foxy Lady”. Who knows what goes on there?