Healthcare in Sri Lanka - 18th July 2015

Locals at the beach

Locals at the beach

Heavy rain swept over Unawatuna Beach this morning as a part of The South West Monsoon. Fortunately that has made it off Season and affordable for retiree’s like us.

Sitting under cover on the beach my mind has turned to Hospitals in Sri Lanka. Could have been brought on by yesterday’s drive! Public hospital services here by all accounts are not too bad. There are many inexpensive Private Hospitals here as well.

The largest is Durdans in Colombo that is International Standard and Gold Seal Acredited (The only one in Sri Lanka) In Galle there are a few but one of them is Hemas that has Single Bed Rooms for A$45 a night and A$75 for Intensive Care Unit. Very cheap when compared to Australia. Kandy also has a few Private Hospitals that offer excellent care so we have concluded that there is no need to have any concern about getting world class health care here.

Health care policies confined to Sri Lanka are also cheaper than Australia but I have been unable to get a quote yet. They also do not cover pre-existing etc. as in Australia and at 70 years old may not be worth the paper they are written on.  We would be inclined to not insure and pay as you go!

One of the problems for getting the Sri Lankan permanent residency visa is that it requires you to have a valid Sri Lankan Health Insurance Cover. If we decided to locate ourselves here we would have to look into it more closely.

Cost of living in Sri Lanka outside Colombo is less than half of Australia but not many reliable statistics to confirm this are available here. We base this conclusion on our own time spent here.

Driving in Sri Lanka would be a breeze for any Australian driver as they drive on our side of the road. Once you get used to what appears to be traffic mayhem you realise it all somehow works well for the aware driver. All the 2 lane roads have an imaginary middle 3rd lane for passing and rather than hit you head on other drivers pull over a bit to let you through. No accidents have been spotted so far!

Foreigners cannot purchase here but many have in Galle for instance by using a local as a front. For people our age contemplating living here we would advise renting as rents are very low compared to Australia. Will do more research on this when back in Kandy next week. Both our homestays have offered us a free or almost free accommodation so rental would not be a problem. Sri Lankans build one storey first and live in it of about 15 squares and as they get funds add the next 2 stories and eve a basement. They finish up with 3 floors, each with a self-contained house. Most Kandy people keep their children at home until they are about 23 when they arrange a marriage to a suitable person known to the family. These large houses suit this arrangement.

Sri Lanka as well as being a great place to live has easy and inexpensive flight to the rest of the world with Sri Lankan Air, Air India and many other carriers. Incidentally Sri Lanka is smaller than Tasmania and has a population of around 22.5 million compared to Tassie’s 500,000.

Fined up this afternoon and spent time on the beach watching the locals.