Kandy awash with colourful locals - July 2nd 2015

In yesterday’s excitement I forgot to mention that when I went to pass final security at Kuala Lumpur it was very tight and 2 Security Guards manning the entrance to the boarding area on examiningmy passport photo and comparing it to me did not believe it was me. They asked me my weight and after a while by showing him my shorts were too big we convinced them I had been sick and lost a lot of weight and they let me through! Also prior to this at the body scan security I was asked to take my belt off and my shorts promptly fell to the floor! Erica moved quickly and pulled them up from around my ankles and they proceeded with a body search with me holding up my shorts with one hand!  Our funniest boarding experience to date. My problem has been that I had lost about 7kg in the first 3 months of this trip and then getting Shigella and not eating for over a week has resulted in me resembling an Egyptian Mummy unwrapped!

Last night our host’s food cooking to help my situation was superb. She served up red rice, garlic dahl, pappadam strips, potato and green beans spiced, two other vegetables in spice, a salad, and chicken cooked in dry pepper spices. I ate the vegetarian and feel remarkably better this morning. Erica said the chicken was delicious.

Slept like a baby last night and am ready for an exciting day of discovery. Just had a wonderful Sri Lankan breakfast with paratha, coconut roti, dahl, spiced potato, fresh fruit, watermelon juice and Erica had two sunny side up eggs on toast as well. She also wrapped a tiny tasty banana in a coconut roti. We finished off with cups of tea.

Off to the City by Tuk Tuk. Walked many streets in the city centre that were awash with colourful locals. Wonderful scenes with such interesting shops and street scenes. One shop had a large white rooster standing in its door! The ayurvedic shops abounded selling ingredients in large bags, gold shops, clothing and every imaginable thing was for sale.  I paid 2350LKR or $22.20 for a pair of linen trousers, and 1790LKR or $16.88 for a pair of Sri Lankan made shorts both of which fit my reduced frame!

Topped outside a market wholesaler where a “Trundle” style cart was being loaded manually until you would have thought no more would fit. Eventually three very strong men pulled it away up hill to their shop! Unbelievable! The owner of the wholesale shop spoke to us and explained the cart owner worked for him and was very old. He got chatting and asked me if I was visiting my relatives in Kandy. Made a note to tone down suntan!

Stopped to buy the local paper for 30LKR and Erica gave him 100LKR. He smiled at me and gave her 20LKR change and me 50LKR. His sense of humour was on display! So many other interesting and un usual things happened to us today that it would fill pages to tell all. Stopped at a “Time Warp” bakery and tea rooms for a yummy pot of “tea for two” to rest our legs. It was all very British and cost us 140LKR or $1.32 Australian and was served with pomp and circumstance.

Have our tickets for tonight’s Cultural Dancing, Drumming and Fire Walking near The Tooth Temple.

We can hardly wait. Sri Lanka already has us in its firm embrace after only 24 hours. Who knows where this will end?