Last day in Chiang Mai - June 29th 2015

Last day in Chiang Mai so though it would be a good time to sum up our thoughts.

Having visited Chiang Mai before I think our visit suffered from “visiting the same place twice” syndrome. Our first visit was before the influx of the current mass of tourists and before there were many westerners living here. Somehow it seemed more exotic to us then than it does now. Our expectations may have been too great.

Chiang Mai has a lot going for it as a retirement destination. The cost of living is less than half that of Australia, there is plenty of western style accommodation, health care is world class and cheap and there is an excellent expat club to help you out if needed. All in all it ticks all the boxes.

Having now only experienced two countries we could potentially relocate to it is too early to call as to if Chiang Mai is where we might settle.

On to Sri Lanka in the morning and as it is a 3 day process including staying overnight at KL Airport I will not be writing a blog until 3rd July when we are settled in Kandy.