Monkeys can be a problem - July 5th 2015

Having a rest day after yesterday as we are going on another 13 hour drive in the morning. Had another yummy breakfast with parathas, coconut sambal, rice, coconut roti, banana and spicy garlic dahl. Erica had a fried egg covered with the coconut sambal wrapped in a paratha as well. Finished off with a couple of cups of local tea. Life is good!

A balmy 25°C in Kandy with sporadic heavy showers. As The Jayabo Residence Homestay is virtualy in amongst surrounding jungle the local monkeys can be a problem. Erica assisted Aschala to fend them off with a long stick as they had raided her kitchen earlier. They go from house to house via the covered power lines like tightrope walkers. Erica’s well practised teeth barring and eyebrow raising (from our Zoo years) eventually caused them to retreat. We watched the local garbage service from above. It consisted of an open trailer drawn by a tractor. Garbage is hung high in fences just before they arrive in garbage bags to prevent monkeys and dog’s breaking them open. It seems to work well.

We are going to catch the train on Wednesday morning at 5.10 am from Kandy to Galle in the far south. It is about a 6 hour trip for 660LKR each or $6.40 each. Much cheaper than a car and driver at about $120 Australian. Should be an interesting experience! Will buy the tickets later today.

Have spent a lot of time today looking for cheap flights to Bali for the last 4 weeks of this 6 month trip before returning to Australia for a month or so. We will then be off again to parts unknown!