Rimping Supermarket - June 24th 2015

Still feeling a tad frail so we decided to walk from our hotel to Rimping Supermarket on the other side of the River Ping to get some provisions. As the walk was about 3km and my first outside walking for a week I got Erica to snap a pick of me prior to departure for use at my funeral in case I did not make it. Fortunately all went well and we traversed a street through the Night Bazaar area with lots of interesting things to look at on the way.

River Market Restaurant

River Market Restaurant

Saw a beautiful gilded spire piercing the sky, bead shops, bars, seedy looking places, silver smiths, antique shops with singing bowls, the night bazaar being set up and eventually a fisherman standing in the River Ping. The essence of Chiang Mai!  Passed the River Market Restaurant used by the Expat Club here for their Breakfast meetings, across the Iron Bridge and we were there!

We lingered in the air-conditioned comfort for an hour or so. I lovingly fondled a pack of Smoked Provolone Cheese as my food loving mind went into overdrive and then returned it to the shelf. Sensibly purchased some Heinz Apple Baby Food, some Organic Rice Porridge Baby Meal and some Instant Mashed potato to reintroduce my alimentary tract to food. Erica bought fruit, Tuna Pie Pastries and a Curry Puff.

Noticed when I opened the Organic Baby meal the instructions recommend mixing each sachet with 120ml of Breast Milk! I thought not today! Decided to try the Heinz Baby Apple which tasted OK and then a small amount of Instant Mash. I had forgotten how bland it tasted when it turned up in Australia in the sixties.  Feeling better!

Our friend Glenn just rang and his Thai friend is going to organise a “Tame” taxi driver to take us on a day trip Friday north to Mae Rim and then west towards Sameong and then south east towards Hang Dong and the north back to the city. It should give us a great look at the countryside which unfortunately is still parched.

Just had another bowl of instant mashed potatoes and it triggered my memory of when I was first courting Erica. I invited her over to my flat for lunch and served up an “Exotic” one of Fish Fingers, Instant Mashed potato and frozen green peas! (It was 1967). We still often talk about it and have a chuckle!