The Villa Hotel - July 13th 2015

Our room - top left

Our room - top left

Arrived at The Villa Hotel yesterday. It is situated on the western end of Unawatuna Beach. Erica had negotiated a room at $60 Australian a night so we expected to get the worst room. Turns out we have the best one on the top floor with an ocean view while lying in bed. Very hard to take! Had dinner in their restaurant last night. We sat at a table on the beach with the ocean just metres away. A beautiful spot. Erica had grilled prawns with salad and chips and I the Kin fish grilled. Both yummy! Washed it down with two Sri Lankan Gin and tonics for Erica and two glasses of red wine for me. Cost $37 Australian. A Ginger faced white cat came and sat on Erica’s lap while we ate. We are the only people staying here at the moment as it is the off season.

Had great breakfast this morning (included) consisting of a plate each of fresh fruit with a cut lime, scrambled eggs and toast and jam. Scrambled eggs were as good as they get! Erica tried the coffee but as reported in reviews was not good. I had a nice pot of tea.

It is a strange feeling sitting on a sandy beach eating when on December 26th 2004 the Tsunami wave washed over this beach and while only about 10 feet high when it hit the top of the beach it wreaked devastation on this place. The beach was washed away along with any structure not built of concrete. While aid poured in no tourists came and it has been a very difficult time for the people here. The sand was pearly white before the Tsunami and the Government 3 months ago had six ships pump masses of sand back onto the beach from offshore. Unfortunately the sand is not white and is banked up so high that a deep gutter has developed off the beach making it not conducive to swimming.

On the way hear we passed the Galle Bus Station where large numbers drowned and having seen a video taken on the day it was unsettling for us. The local people had no idea what a Tsunami was let alone knowing what to do. Apparently why so many died in the train that was washed away was the local people packed into it thinking it was a safe place. It turns out that it happened on the section of track that I had taken a pic of the ocean from the train window on the way to Galle.

Sun is Out View from Room.jpg

Currently sitting in our cane weave chairs on our balcony watching the waves break and the big ships in the channel as they round Sri Lanka before heading up to maybe Mumbai on India’s west coast. Have been thinking while taking part in this energetic pastime that although we enjoyed living in Wilsons Creek for eleven years travel is by far the better life!

I just went next door to The Thaproban Beach Resort to pay $440 Australian (very extravagant) for a 2 day one night tour to Yala National park. It has more Elephants and Leopards than anywhere else in Sri Lanka and hopefully will be worth the money! Whilst there I enquired of the room costs and was taken aback when told they could let us have sea view one for twice the price we are paying here. I graciously declined the offer!

My brother Chris in Australia has sorted out our booking hiccup with Virgin for our flight back to Brisbane on 27th August and our daughter Sascha has sorted out Erica’s “Why did you not vote” problem. It is great to have a family support system back in Australia when problems arise that require you to phone Australia and be put on hold for 20 minutes! We are most grateful.