“Tourist Glasses” to Jonker Street - Sunday May 31st 2015

Yesterday evening we set off with our “Tourist Glasses” to Jonker Street along the Melaka River.

Within one minute of leaving the Fountain entrance to the Shore Shopping Complex below we struck our first wedding photos being taken. Politely enquired if it was Ok to take pics and Bride and Groom waved yes. Took pic of our first Bride and Groom.

 50 metres further on a second Bride and Groom loomed. Their official photographer waved us into the Wedding pic and clicked away! I took a pic of them that was superb. Their outfits were absolutely stunning WOW!

A few metres further along we struck our 3rd and fourth Brides and Grooms. One of the Bridesmaids filled us in on the romantic story of the couple (childhood sweethearts) and then posed with Erica for a pic. We had experienced 4 wedding photo shoots in 30 minutes!

Leaving we thought the wedding pics behind we struck another one along the river walk. The bride glowed as Erica said “You look Beautiful” and she replied “Thankyou”. What a great start to an evening stroll in Melaka.

Arriving at The Red Dutch Square the centre of Tourism in Melaka it was alive with weekend tourists. Took some great pics of Erica mingling with the crowd in this historic site.

Beautiful evening so throwing caution to the wind we headed up chaotic Jonker Street. We noticed a wonderful smell and Erica spotted the source, a sausage on a stick and said “I wonder where they come from?) A voice from the “Sausage eater” said over there and we were soon at the source. They were Taiwanese Spicy Sausages and we ordered and consumed a couple. They were sensational, and unlike any grilled sausage we had ever eaten!

A desire for a Lychee Ice came over us and we proceeded to an Indian stall where a smiling man fulfilled our desire.

Lazy walk back to The Shore.

This morning walked about 2km along the river in the opposite direction and ended up at the Aeon Shopping Centre.  Erica posed at The Best Cloud Tree in Melaka outside The Majestic Hotel at the start of our walk.  Aeon was more crowded than usual due to sales so we had lunch there at a Japanese place called Sukiya to get away from the crowds. Erica had Teriyaki Chicken with Veggies and I Okra Gyudon. Both delicious but were consumed before a pic crossed our minds.

Long walk home clutching some bottles of water and some fruit. Going down to the river tonight at 8.30 for a parade of floats a part of The River Festival.