We can travel until we drop - July 10th 2015

We had the most wonderful experience last night. We were invited into our host’s kitchen to watch them prepare our dinner. It was an experience like no other!

First Hasanthi their daughter (with the flashing smile) hand grated fresh coconut for the dishes. Meena who had already prepared her roasted curry mix and many other spices in a circular rack began to season the pumpkin and dahl. Both dishes prior to cooking had turmeric, ground mustard seeds, cumin and chilli powder and the pumpkin had the roasted curry powder as well. Now she added ginger to the pumpkin and lots of fresh garlic. Onion was added to the dahl.

A roasted curry powder and fresh squeezed coconut cream was made to add to the pumpkin later on. The dahl was now on the gas burner and fresh coconut cream and more roasted curry powder was added. Salt was gradually added while using the Sri Lankan method of tasting. Meena dripped the sauce from a spoon into the palm of her hand and licked it off!

Red rice was boiled and the end result was 3 very tasty vegetarian dishes with red rice. Two German girls joined us for dinner. They had been doing a Medical internship at the local hospital and were off to Germany in the morning. One was a keen surfer so we got the good oil on surf here for our good friend Karl from Byron Bay who is coming here next year.

Kodi had bought some Buffalo Curd and Palm treacle to finish with and we both had seconds. Yum, Yum. He the insisted we try a small glass of Coconut Arak with soda. Very pleasant but we just had one.

Have organised an overnight trip to Yala National park on the 16th to see leopards and Elephants. Much of it was devastated by the 2004 Tsunami as was the beach area we are moving to on the 12th.

We are happy to report that after nearly four and a half months on the road we are showing no signs of wilting and realise we can travel until we drop! Still enjoying every moment of discovery. Sri Lanka would be a good place to base ourselves as flights to Malta, Sardinia, Sicily, Dubrovnik and a myriad of other places we have yet to visit are pretty cheap from here. The Sri Lankan people are wonderful and a distinctly different peoples than Indians, which has been a surprise to us considering it is only 28km off the Indian Coast.

Yesterday Kodi brought us a warm Sago drink each. Sounds awful but was very nice.  We have just got in after another long walk around Galle Fort. Meena just got us a pot of Lime Tea and all is well in Galle!

On our walk it started to shower so we visited The Galle Historical Museum and The Maritime Archaeological Museum housed in the vast Old Dutch Warehouse. Both were excellent and well worth a visit. Stopped to watch a school Net Ball Competition as Erica used to play. The colours of their uniforms coupled with their dark hair and skin was a visual spectacle! As it is Friday there are more tourists in town but still not too many. We spotted a group of locals swimming in the ocean behind some rocks, a lone fisherman below the rock Fort Sea Wall, young lovers and more white uniformed school children walking the Fort Wall. Never a dull moment in Galle Fort!