You must visit Sri Lanka! July 3rd 2015

Wonderful Dinner again last night with cubes of spicy fresh fish, long green gourd, garlic dahl, red rice, coconut sambal (fresh grated with chilli powder) and other delicious bits and pieces. Our hosts assures us that this is exactly what they eat so is authentic Kandy Cuisine.

Before dinner watched Kandyan Dance at the Kandyan Cultural Centre. The dancing was spectacular, the drumming intoxicating and it finished up with a fire walking routine! Highly recommended. The Lake looked spectacular again in the fading light as we awaited our Tuk Tuk home.

Breakfast today was another Sri Lankan delight. We are off to the Botanical Gardens this morning and at 18.30 to the Temple of the Tooth. This is not an upmarket Dentistry establishment! The Temple is famous as it houses a tooth from Buddha.

The Royal Kandy Botanical Gardens are spread over 147 acres and are superb! It is a joy to walk through and we spotted huge Australian Kauri pines, the largest bamboo variety in the world, the largest type of palm in the world, beautiful orchids and a myriad of other exotic and local plants. Open lawns are a feature and Sri Lankans of all ages were enjoying the grounds. It is beside a huge fast flowing river and we walked across it on a very shaky suspension bridge that was rated 6 people only and no jumping up and down! Gardens are used by many schools and with so many large established trees it was a very relaxing place as there was plenty of space.

Stopped off at the Kandy War Cemetery. It was in the most beautiful and peaceful setting and was immaculately maintained with flowers at each grave. We passed through a wealthy suburb on the way to the gardens with very large houses in an elevated position looking over the city. Very impressive!

The roads outside the main city where we are living are well surfaced but really only on car and a bit wide. Passing other vehicles can be extremely hazardous and a lot of backwards and forwards manoeuvring is required. On the way home today a large truck was taking up 75% of the road and the Police were standing around. It appears someone attempting to pass the truck had slipped over the edge into the river 100 metres below. Care is definitely required!

Took hundreds of pics today and saw too many things to write about them all. You must visit Sri Lanka!