Rice Paddies - August 1 2015

Last night we went to the Rice View Restaurant for dinner. Erica had a classic Balinese dish that included a chicken dish, egg, a sambal with onions, nuts and chillies amongst other things and red and white rice. I had a vegetarian dish with Cubed Tofu, lots of greens smothered with a rich smooth peanut sauce. We washed it all down with a Bintang beer each and the total cost including credit card surcharge was just over A$ 10. Certainly within the retiree/pensioner “Dinner out” price range!

We have extended our booking here from 7 days to 11 days as we have realised that most things we want to see are easily accessed from Ubud. Madi, the owner’s daughter in law explained her husband drives taxis and could quote us on any day trip we might plan.

Awoke to a fine day with the local Rooster crowing. Breakfast was omelettes and fruit, a great way to start the day. We have now got used to the Ubud coffee that resembles most closely Turkish coffee.

Walked along a few streets to Billabong in Monkey Forest Street where Erica had espied the elusive perfect swimming costume late yesterday. It was tried on and approved and at last the four countries search was over! I breathed a sigh of relief. Cost was A$69.

Typical view Bisma Street

Typical view Bisma Street

We then set off on a rather ambitious walk clutching our swimming costume bag to view The Four Seasons Resort. On the way we walked down Jalan Bisma. A charming street with rice paddies that looked exactly how we thought Ubud would look. The accommodation there was mainly up-market and elevated. It included the famous honeymoon Cottages, Bisma 8 , Nicks Hidden Cottages and many other beautiful places too numerous to mention. This is where would have chosen to stay when we were in funds! Still very happy at Dewi Antara.

Found a book shop on Jalan Pengosekan and bought the latest James Patterson book to read this afternoon. Onwards and upwards we walked. Crossed a small river in a deep valley, then through a long cutting and then turned left up a very steep climb for about 500 metres before we realised that The Four Seasons was too ambitious a target. We bought some water and journeyed back to Dewi Antara arriving at about 2pm.

Time to rest up and read our books before venturing out again. Today our Ubud expectations were met as the streets we walked were like old Ubud. The only Chinese we met on the street were both courteous and well-mannered as was everyone else we passed.

Last night we had a conversation about which sorts of people we both disliked.   The short list was Big Drinking teenage Yobbos and Yobbettes, wearers of hats backwards and needing a haircut, noisy Americans, noisy Asians, tarty girls, men who love themselves and selfie takers. (They probably dislike us.) We are pleased to report that Ubud was free of all these annoying types today. All we saw was well mannered and cultured types enjoying this beautiful place.