Back in Australia - August 29th 2015

Now back in Australia after a good flight with Virgin from Bali. It is great to be staying with our daughter Sasha and Granddaughter Sophie. Spent first day back reinstating our Private Health cover in readiness for Erica’s knee surgery and other mundane things like getting car registration up to date. We are looking forward to catching up with all our friends over the next few months.

On reflection of our last 6 months of exploratory travel we both agree that we actually do not need t to choose a country in which to base ourselves until we are too old/unhealthy to travel constantly It is better for us to expend our income on more travel rather than rent somewhere.

After Erica’s surgery we intend to continue to explore the world!  Having only been to about 45 countries there are still at least that many more to visit and we still may not have enough time left on this earth to see them all so we must press on.

If we did have to choose a home base today we would choose Sri Lanka with no hesitation! Whilst in Australia we will put our blog on hold unless something exciting happens to us so until we head off on our next adventure this is Erica and David signing off.