Candidasda - August 23rd 2015

We have just had a lazy day. Reading books we bought from a second hand bookshop nearby. Erica has been searching the Internet to see which restaurant we will grace this evening! Last night we bought a bottle of wine and some takeaway and ate on our wonderful terrace. Not sure what tomorrow brings. We may even strain ourselves and do nothing again!

It is nearly 6pm in Candidasda’s and I have just returned from an unsuccessful attempt to cross the road that runs past the Bungalows. The traffic is horrendous and unforgiving. At one stage after 5 minutes or so I managed to reach the middle but was trapped and only just managed to retreat to our side amidst aggressive tooting from motor scooters. There is no pedestrian crossing in this town! The aforementioned scenario does beg the question “Do they want any tourists or not?”

Erica's sunbathing spot

Erica's sunbathing spot

We have noticed that business is not booming in Candidasa and it is supposed to be a popular place with tourists looking for a more peaceful place to stay. It leads us to think that maybe the Balinese have forgotten about the poverty they lived with before tourism boosted their economy. East Bali especially Amed area was listed as Bali’s poorest area some time ago and Government programmes were instituted to assist the poor. Having said all that the staff at our Bungalows are exceptional and caring so it is not all bad here.

The reason that I was trying to cross the road was to get to the Bottle Shop to purchase some wine as the restaurant that Erica has picked for tonight charges double the bottle shop price and we decided to have a glass before dinner on the terrace and a couple after dinner as the Restaurant is next door to the Bungalows. We retiree/pensioner types have to watch our pennies. 

Have just returned from a “Hairy” but successful road crossing and have returned with wine. The practise of charging a 3% surcharge on Visa Card use leads me to think there is a large “Black economy” here. It is also the first place in Bali that we have been asked to pay for our accommodation up front. Maybe all these things contribute to a tourism slowdown for them.

I know I seem to be whinging but am just stating the facts as we see them.