Kandy Town - July 26th 2015

After yesterday’s epic train journey I took a moment this morning to do the sums. The train we travelled on from Galle to Colombo that I sent an internal pic of yesterday was 2 trains put together and amounted to 20 carriages. Each carriage including standers has over 200 people when full as it was yesterday. This means that when we dismounted (I mean dismount as the platform is over 60 cm below the carriage.) at Colombo Fort station it disgorged up to 4000 souls! More than the population of Mullumbimby where we lived! It really is a mass transport system as behind us were the 7.20 and 7.50 trains. Approximately 12,000 persons got on the trains at Galle within an hour. All these figures account for the seething mass that we found ourselves in yesterday when trying to get to the exit to change trains. Amazing that on our journey apart from a few “Curry Puffs” from fellow travellers and when a man opened his sandwich that smelt like cat food there were almost no odours!

Last night Achala served up another wonderful dinner with a pork curry, her garlic and mustard seed dahl, rice, pappadams, bread fruit dish, a green vegetable dish and a very spicy batumoju dish. Yum Yum!  Jayabo is going to arrange a trip tomorrow to Anuradhapura that has the 3 largest Stupas in Sri Lanka. He is also arranging our transfer to Colombo Airport for 29th when we fly to Kuala Lumpur. We feel like we are family here as they are so caring and helpful.

Plan to spend they day relaxing walking around Kandy to see what the locals are doing on Sunday. We have just eaten one of Achala’s Kandyan breakfast. It consisted of coconut rice, roti’s, garlic and chili dahl, fresh grated coconut spicy sambal and a delicious sambal made with rough chopped hot red chillies lime juice and fine chopped red onions. Erica also had an egg. We ate every skerrick and finished up with two cups of tea each.  

A jackfruit at the entrance to Jayabo has doubled since we were last here and Erica snapped a pic of me with it to give you an idea of its size. Everyone is keeping a lookout for the local monkey troupe who love jackfruit and last week ate all Achala’s plants and to top it off chewed through her internet and TV cable putting them off the air for two days.

Spent all day in Kandy town. Walked around the lake and marvelled at the huge,

Very old Rain Trees that amongst other species surround it. Many young couples in love were seated in the more discreet areas and family groups were just promenading around the lake. The lake is very pretty from every part of its banks.  Back in the city centre we walked the streets before stooping for a pot of tea at an old fashioned bakery/dining room. Service was excellent and the place was full. The tea was the strongest we had ever had and even Erica had to add a little sugar and milk to tone it down. Cost A$1.40!

Kandy City on Sunday.jpg

Traversed many streets and talked to many Sri Lankans. Finally found a clothing shop called Much More that specialised in Sri Lankan Linen. I purchased 2 linen shirts and a black pair of linen trousers for A$58. Definitely a retiree/pensioner price. Going back on Tuesday to get a white pair of line trousers.

Went into City Central Shopping Centre and who should be there but Miss Sri Lanka 2012! She is entering the Married Miss World contest in China this year and by the look of her she will win easily. I snapped a pic and I was invited to pose with her but declined as I felt that a beauty and the beast photo was inappropriate and might affect her future prospects! Judge for yourself but in the flesh she was a VERY attractive lass. Many of the men were lined up to get pics with her but just as many were watching Sri Lanka play cricket on the TV screens in an electrical store!

Bought a 16GB Sandisc for A$12 as my back up ones are full. There really is nothing that you cannot buy in Kandy. In the Supermarket we bought water and biscuits for our long trip in the morning. Erica wanted some whitening toothpaste and the Pharmacy in store had one called Blanx based on Natural Artic Lichen. It had a tooth colour test strip inside and to our horror we discovered we were more to the yellow end than the white! Will report on any improvement.

Picked up by Amal our Tuk Tuk man and now back at Jayabo Residence. It is very quiet at night here and we both had the best night’s sleep since we were last here.