Central Festival Mall - June 15th 2015

Decided today to have another easy day and see a movie and make more observations at Central Festival Mall, Chiang Mai’s largest. Arrived by Red Taxi Truck at 10.30 only to find it does not open until 11am on week days. Went to the Movies section ready to buy tickets to see SPY. The Queue was very long so we had to come back later and see a later movie. Asked for a senior’s price and were rejected. Before we got too excited about being mistaken for under 60, he explained you need the Thai Government card so we coughed up full price, 150Baht each or $5.76 Australian.

On observing for some time the shopping centre customers we noticed that Thai people in general were taller than Malays. They also tended to shy away from the over coloured and patterned clothing that the Malays love so much. There also seemed to be quite a few expat males wandering around unaccompanied. We have only spotted, outside the tourist area one or two expat couples. Unsure of how to interpret this observation except to say that expats like the area the shopping mall is in.

Needed to top up our mobile so asked a nice young man at a phone shop if he could use their top up machine (a bit like an ATM) as I could not read Thai. He graciously agreed and we are back in business. Next stop was at the Samsung Shop where we eventually found an English speaking staff member to give us assistance. We wanted to use the i-nigma App to read the codes by phone on our new Cloud Map, and have been unable to work it all out. He was super helpful and did it all for us and demonstrated a couple of times so we now can scan our Cod Map. Very High tech for us old folks.

Saw the 14.10 session of Spy which was a bit of fun. Realised we had different taste than the mainstream Thai movie goer as it turns out the theatre was empty just before the movie started. Erica looks pretty lonely!

The mundane trip to the Central Food Hall and Supermarket was our second or third visit and we are quite familiar with it all. It gives us the experience of living here as an expat as it is the ideal place to shop. There are in the Food Hall sections for Cheese, Bakery, Western Deli, Wine cellar, Organic and a Chilled Deli. All well stocked with goodies you might find in Australia’s best. I took a few pics just in case you don’t believe me!

Not our most exciting day but very insightful.