Dewi Antara Home Stay in Ubud - July 30th 2015

Overnight at Tune Hotel was convenient but is just a new stopover type accommodation. I would recommend it if you have to change flights in Kuala Lumpur as it saves on Taxis to the city etc.

Our Air Asia plane today was a different kettle of fish from the brand new Airbus 330 of yesterday’s flight. This was an aging Airbus 320 with no leg room and the type that has your knees pressed against the seat back in front if over 175cm tall. We kept telling ourselves the flight was cheap! The staff however were good. Passengers were a lot of Malaysian Muslims and mainland Chinese. There was only about 6 westerners.

The most noticeable thing when waiting at KLIA2 was the large numbers of Muslims particularly the full Burka ones. It made us wonder if we could live in a Muslim state like Malaysia. Erica was seated on her own when three full black burka clad women came and sat next to her with a Muslim dressed man. Could have been his 3 wives for all we know! Erica did not move as they encroached on her space but if looks could kill she would have been charged!

The old plane got us to Bali safely and after shelling out US $35 each for a Visa on arrival we breezed through immigration and customs. The airport is only 12 months old and handles heavy visitor numbers with ease. Very easy to use.

Taxi to Ubud was A$40 and took about two and a half hours to reach Ubud as traffic was horrendous. Arriving at Dewi Antara Home Stay we were warmly welcomed by Madi with a cup of coffee and 4 bananas. It is inside their family compound and has a wonderful genuine feel to it. Just 8 rooms and the family residence is next to our room. Gardens and atmosphere are very “Old Bali”. Another victory for Erica “The Booking Queen” as 7 nights her has cost us only A$210 including daily breakfast on our covered terrace and free Wi Fi. Truly a retiree/pensioner affordable price. (A$30 per day).

Plan to explore on foot for the rest of today and tomorrow.