Hospitals and healthcare - August 20th 2015

Busy morning sunbathing

Busy morning sunbathing

Last night we tried the food at Amed Resto which gets good reviews. We have to say the food was average. Both had squid with different sauces but was pretty basic with vegies and rice. The food so far in Bali has had the odd high moment but basically is nothing to write home about. Its saving grace is that it is inexpensive!

A word on Hospitals and healthcare. The good hospitals are in Denpasar about two and a half hours drive from here. There is a Medical Centre servicing most of East Bali but it is an hour or so drive away. Living here although appearing idyllic could have a few draw backs as would most of Bali outside of the Denpasar area. In the hills behind Amed there is a lot of poverty and while we have been staying here a lady from Australia who organises bags of second hand clothing for the villages arrived to make a delivery.

The women here do most of the heavy work including carrying buckets of rocks on their heads to construction sites. All shovelling of large heaps of sand and gravel we have noticed is always done by groups of women. The large plastic containers of fish from the boats are carried ashore on women’s heads. My words are not meant as criticism but just our observations.

One could easily live in Bali in places like The Sideman Valley or around the Amed region but you would need to be aware of some of the drawbacks of this apparent paradise.

We spoke to Sony about the dead coral on the shallow reefs off Amed and he told us that they used to fish with dynamite years ago and that knocked a lot of coral out. Also weather conditions in 1988 caused a lot of coral bleaching.

Have had a lazy day today with breakfast, cups of black tea and sunning ourselves on the empty beach. By 11am the black sand had reached an un-walkable bare-foot heat. Sonny told us that in November if the wet season is late the beach actually starts to smoke! Not sure if he was pulling our legs or not! He also said the daytime temperature then hovers around 45C and the bungalows are unbearably hot. Maybe not the time to visit here.

Enjoying every moment of our stay here. Sonny is going to take us for a scenic drive around the area tomorrow and we depart for Candidasa on the beach on Saturday morning.

We have been hatching plans for our next trip after the “repairs” in Australia. Belize and Central America are firming as favourites as we have already traversed most of South East Asia and the Indian Sub-continent. Most of the Central American countries are inexpensive to travel in and visas are no problems. Our lust for New Horizons goes on unabated!