Lazed on the beach - July 22nd 2015

Amazing Egg Cup.jpg

Sadly our last day at Unawatuna beach and The Villa Hotel. We have spent the last few hours reading books on the beach and have just retreated to our room as another Southwest Monsoon squall sweeps across the beach. Breakfast as usual was great and we were fascinated by Erica’s egg cup that kept a second one warm underneath.

We have been watching a very talented machinist make onsite a cover for the steel frame at the front of the hotel. He started yesterday with a large engine industrial sewing machine, no pattern and cut out the whole thing on the restaurant floor. It has been amazing to watch, especially for Erica whom is a Dress Designer by trade.

He has done a flawless job and it will all be erected in time for our last dinner here tonight! It turns out in this time frame he has actually made two of them! It just shows what can be achieved with skill and determination. I can just imagine how long this process would take in Australia and what it might cost.

Watched a group of local lads at the weekend make a “Human Tower” in the water over 3 men high. My pic needs zooming on to see in detail but it was an amazing feat! Our Hotel has been repainted ready for the High season that starts next month and the 10 or so staff will soon be run off their feet. They have basically only had us and a few stragglers to attend to for most of our stay so the service as you can imagine has been faultless.

Lazed on the beach until another shower hit. The hotel announced their Credit Card machine was down so we headed off along the beach and eventually to the very hazardous main road which was sans footpaths to find an ATM. The menacing buses brushed passed us as they overtook each other as if in a race. One old grey one almost grazed us and by the time we got to the ATM we feared that we might end up in the roadside cemetery that we had just walked by! When we got backed we asked the staff if many people were killed by these buses. The answered that only people in Tuk Tuks and on motorbikes as pedestrians jump out of the way!

Back to reading on the beach. An outrigger fishing boat with 3 oarsmen all rowing on the outrigger side passed by. The vacant chairs on the beach awaited the rush of tourists due next month and we noticed numbers on the beach had increased since we first came here 11 days ago. As I write another storm is passing over the beach our 3rd today.

One last dinner here tonight and back to Galle Fort in the morning where we intend to explore the workings of Sri Lanka’s ninth largest city.