Trying Durian - June 12th 2015

Found a wonderful website via the Bangkok Post Newspaper yesterday that is ideal for retiree/pensioners to try out. It is put together by British researchers on age and claims to predict ones approximate time of departure from the planet fairly accurately by asking 12 questions. I of course had to try it and a little nervously answered the questions honestly. Relief came when it rated me as a 59 year old thus giving me 11 more years than my age does. Try it if your game!  Just click on the Risk Calculator.

Took a pic of a sign in a Chiang Mai museum at a Wat in Chiang Mai last week. It list the Five Truths of life.

1)     Getting old is natural

2)     Getting sick is natural

3)     Death is natural

4)     You own nothing and nothing belongs to you

5)     Realise that everything you do has consequences. If you do the good things goodness will be yours. On the other hand if you do the bad things badness will be yours. You cannot escape from the results of what you have done

Very interesting and undoubtedly true.

The Rachamankha

The Rachamankha

Explored some streets yesterday afternoon and found the most expensive Hotel in Chiang Mai. Just 24 rooms on a sprawling estate nearby. We got a mini-tour of the grounds from security. If you have the money it is the place to stay. It is called The Rachamankha and it was stunning. 

Interesting thing about Chiang Mai is that in this same area were some of the most basic dwellings you could ever see, a new contemporary house, an old Lanna street stalls and the ugliest large hotel we have ever seen! It is certainly a real mix.

Today we set off to explore more streets and a couple of Museums. Walking down our street we struck Wat Inthakchin Sadue Muang built in 1501. It was a manageable size and had a Museum in the grounds. In this museum was a treasure trove of stone -age tools from the area, pottery and a well presented history of Chiang Mai. They even had series of metal bracelets covered in earth taken from exhumed corpses from the Iron Age. Several had bone sticking out from the earth that that filled the area where the fore-arms had been!

Continued on foot to The Chiang Mai City Arts and Cultural Centre housed in the old palace of a Lanna Prince. Extensive exhibits tracing history of Chiang Mai. It appears that the arrival of Chinese Traders in the early years helped develop the place. Both these Museums are well worth a visit. The little shop in the museum had bags of passionfruit and we had a fabulous fresh passionfruit shake! Made from 9 passion fruits. Also sampled their home made Pineapple sandwich biscuits before we left.

Bumped into a bunch of schoolgirls who approached us and asked to interview us both for a school project. They seemed amused that we agreed and we were happy to help as the recorded our answers on their mobile phone. Coming home we saw a local Laundromat. It was looking tired and not a patch on the swish one we used in Kuching. Our overall impression of Chiang Mai so far is that it is still very much a developing area compared to say Malaysia. It is however cheap to live here and ticks most of the boxes for Australian Expats.

Saw a young man opening Durians at a street stall and he allowed us to take pics and gave Erica a Durian segment to eat for free. She said it tasted creamy, silky, and light and she enjoyed it.

Entered the Somphet Market and bought some of the tiny thin skinned yellow flesh bananas. Spotted a market stall holder sleeping amongst his goods. Have seen this often especially when we were in Vietnam.

36°C in Old Chiang Mai today and us old folks out walking in the sun certainly noticed it!