Chiang Mai Healthcare - June 8th 2015

Had the best food in Chiang Mai so far this morning for breakfast. It was a Northern Thai breakfast set with Spicy sausage (sai oua), Fried Pork, Sticky rice, Nam Prik (Chilli sambal) with steamed vegetables and eaten in ones fingers! Chilli in the Thai sausage was hot! Speaking of food we have so far been disappointed with the food here other than the market nibbles. Maybe we are not eating in the right places. Erica has a list of places Anthony Bourdain (the American food personality) visited and we will give them a try. We are still open minded and brekkie this morning pushed all the right buttons.

Erica and I were talking over breakfast about our impressions of Chiang Mai as our first week here draws to a close. It appears that in the suburbs where we have focussed that very few Thai speak or understand English which has been difficult to get used to after being in Malaysia. While all the cheap accommodation, shopping centres etc. abound one would need a circle of expats to want to live there. It would not be an area we would settle in. We are off in the morning to stay 3 weeks in the Old Moated City so maybe things will be different there.

Have been investigating Thai Life Expectancy and causes of death and find it is very different to Australia. If I was a Thai my life expectancy would be around one more year! This is probably why we have seen very few elderly persons and that Alzheimer’s incidence is much lower here than Australia. Diabetes, Strokes, Heart disease and lung disease lead Road accidents and Aids in the six leading causes of death (Making up about 50% of total). This very interesting (To Me) website has the comparison between Thailand and Australia for all you statistics buffs!

This brings me to another one of my fetishes - Hospitals. There are many excellent Western Standard Private Hospitals in Chiang Mai. The Bangkok Hospital is the newest one. It offers a set price list for all procedures from giving birth to heart surgery. An example is $6000 Australian is the price for a knee replacement. Another good one and one of the largest is the RAM Hospital

You can easily get first class medical treatment here at one of these many establishments. An expat/pensioner/retiree could easily afford it by foregoing their International Health Insurance and taking a risk.

With regard teeth there are many Dental Clinics but one we can recommend after having talked to some happy patients is Dental4U. All their fixed charges are set out on their website. Again so much cheaper than Australia.

Glenn and Erica at Wat Kate

Glenn and Erica at Wat Kate

Caught up with our old friend Glenn who has almost fully recovered from his tummy bug. We walked down our street and visited Wat Kate. It is over 500years old and 50 metres from the Baan Orapin. Not as glitzy as others we have seen and was very attractive.

Walked across the bridge to show Glenn the markets. He loved them and enjoyed a curry puff with me. We spotted the biggest fresh Lychees we have ever seen and Glenn bought 1.5Kgs along with some dried mango. Back home we ate lychees and dried mango slices and wiled away the afternoon just chatting.