The Four Seasons Ubud Resort - August 8th 2015

Yesterday Flights in and out of Bali from Australia were cancelled and the same today as the Volcanic Ash cloud drifts over Denpasar. The eruption seems endless and it is a bit spooky to think that all that heat is just below the surface here. We are hopeful that the long dormant Mt Agung does not decide to spring to life whilst we are beneath its slopes for a week from Monday!

Quiet day planned as Erica’s knees are suffering from busy day yesterday. We think they will make the distance to the “Repair Shop” back in Australia. She has an appointment with “The Mechanic” for assessment on the 7th September!

I have had trouble trying to regain weight and this morning Erica suggested to peals of laughter that to save money on our next trip she would be able to take me in her bag as “Carry-on Luggage”! Must eat more fattening foods.

The rest of today has been about The Four Seasons Ubud Resort. As I mentioned in an earlier Blog our great friend Zuzee from Coorabell had given us “The good oil” on this place.  Well Zuzee was right what an exceptional place in such a wonderful position! Being of “Slender means” we decided after a little research by The Booking Queen to partake of their afternoon tea that had great reports on the internet reviews.

We took the Dewi Antara son’s Taxi to the resort. On arrival he drove us through security (who checked under our car with mirrors on sticks for anything untoward) down to the entrance below. We ventured across the bridge to the main resort and down the staircase to the Jati Bar where afternoon tea is served. Taking a seat with the breathtaking view we ordered.

Afternoon Tea Selection.jpg

When Afternoon tea arrived it consisted of a three tiered stand with Baked Pandanus and raisin Scones with Strawberry jam and cream, assorted fresh fruit tartlets with rum pastry crème, lemon and passion fruit pies, smoked salmon bagels, chicken breast sandwiches with truffle mayonnaise and a chocolate mousse with white chocolate shard. Accompanying this generous repast were two pots of black tea. We were in heaven as it was all so tasty and freshly prepared. There were two of each item so there was no need to fight over who got what! Without doubt one of life’s great experiences.

Cost was US$25 including all taxes and service charges. (About the same price as good cake and coffee at Twisted Sister in Byron Bay) The resort itself which we the proceeded to walk around on the levels we were allowed is a masterpiece as it just blends into the hillside overlooking the rushing river below. The large pond on the roof was quite remarkable and views from the deck there were stunning.

After exceeding our daily retiree/pensioner budget for the day we should be drinking water for dinner. However we are still elated from our afternoon tea experience and have just popped up and purchased a local bottle of Rose, some Brie, tomatoes and grainy bread to finish our near perfect day. Have made myself a note to cut back on expenses tomorrow!