Traditional fishing boat - August 19th 2015

Dinner last night was the grilled Mackerel. Sonny had grilled it over a wood fired grill and the flavour had infused the fish. It was teamed with his wife’s sautéed vegetables and local steamed rice. It was eaten at our table in front of the bungalows with the Bali Sea stretching out before us which we were sure added to the taste!

The sunset over Mt Agung again last evening was stunning. I was up before dawn this morning to catch the sunrise again. My reward this morning was rich. The sun rose over The Bali Sea like a golden ball and at times appeared to be floating on the water. The orange ball of the sun, the colours of the sky and the fisherman’s boats heading out to sea gave me an experience like none before. It was indeed a most memorable and beautiful sunrise! I must apologise in advance for so many sunset and sunrise pics but they are such exceptional opportunities that I cannot stop myself from taking them.

A little sunbathing on the beach filled the morning and Erica has booked a fisherman to take us out in his boat this afternoon. Sonny has supplied some snorkelling gear to take and has instructed the fisherman to come back “Under Sail” so we are assured of a great afternoon.

Just returned from trip in traditional fishing boat to a snorkelling site. We left well prepared and went aboard the beached boat for the trip to the site. Magnificent view of the shore as we motored east along the beaches. On arrival we donned our flippers and snorkels and bravely leapt overboard with a couple of splashes!  The reef where we were was mainly dead but we saw many magnificent looking fish from deep blue to yellow and black in colour. After an hour or so we swam back to our boat.

This is where the problem started! Getting off was easy but for a couple of oldies getting aboard again seemed to be an impossibility? After several valiant attempts that almost ended in a mounting of the steed we flopped back into the briny. Luckily no pics of these efforts were taken as we did not present at our best! Fortunately for us our captain solicited aid from a nearby boat in the form of a short wooden ladder which once affixed to the side of our boat gave us a usable point of entry. Much laughter was had by us and the people on the other boat as we scrambled aboard.

Safely aboard the captain set the sails for a leisurely trip back at the whim of the breezes. At time the boat got up to some very fast speeds with the sail, rather like a spinnaker held by two bits of bamboo, filled to capacity. All in all a great afternoon.