Tsunami Victim - July 25th 2015

Yesterday afternoon whilst wandering around the Galle Fort a man about 60 spoke to us in front of a shop. The ensuing conversation was as fascinating as it was tragic. He had a house and business at the Galle Port (Making sails etc.) when the 2004 Tsunami struck. That area was one of the worst affected and not only was his house and business swept away but his Mother, Father in law, his son, and two other relatives perished. He and his wife rescued his other 2 children.

After the Tsunami the harbour was wrecked and no sailing boats came there for sails. He eventually picked himself up and has started again by working in this shop. It made him totally reassess his life and what it all means and has set out to educate his remaining children and enjoy a simpler life. He now rents in Galle. As he said to us there was nothing he could do about the Tsunami and once he had accepted that he was able to move on but not forgetting his loved ones lost. He shook our hands firmly as we parted and we are both sure we will meet him again. His parting words were “When you come back come and have a cup of tea with me”.  It was a very moving experience and made us think that losing our money was a walk in the park compared to what he has had to endure.

Lovely dinner last night with string hoppers, chicken, curry, dahl and coconut spicy sambal. Three Scottish and Irish Medical student who had just finished 2 weeks at Galle Hospital ate with us. We chatted until 10 pm about many things and discovered most of the problems Australia has with drunkenness and drugs the Scottish have as well.

Galle To Colombo Express.jpg

Arose early and took the Express train to Colombo. Changed trains to a lesser one at Colombo and got to Kandy about 2pm a bit the worse for wear. The Train was packed and I had to stand for an hour before a young man feeling sorry for me insisted on giving me his seat. The train was very dirty and Erica found it hard to take as she is “Miss Clean”. We have to keep repeating to ourselves it only cost A$7.50 for tickets!  

Rang our friendly Tuk Tuk driver Ahmal from the station and he whisked us away to Jayabo Residence. We were welcomed with outstretched arms by Achala!  She made us a pot of tea and we were resuscitated! Unpacked our bags and Achala put 3 loads of washing through for us.

Looking forward to home cooked Kandyan food tonight,