Ubud - August 2nd 2015

Awoke this morning to a sad email from our very good friend Toni who we have known for over 30 years telling us that her husband Keith who has been battling Prostate Cancer for many years is in hospital again after latest chemotherapy with an infection, a lung clot and bladder bleeding. The prognosis is looking pretty grim. Keith and Tony had taken the right attitude when Keith was diagnosed and had been travelling around in their caravan and doing the things they had always wanted to do.

Keith is about 72 years old and his situation reinforces why we are travelling as much as we are. Life can be cut short at any time and I often think of my father who at 20 years old flew in The Battle of Britain in Night Fighters over the English Chanel and the spent the next 5 years on active duty in Night Fighter Squadrons as a Navigator. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his calmness and courage under fire and for being directly responsible for the destruction of at least 3 enemy aircraft, one of which was attacking a Channel Convoy of ships. Our whole family was always very proud of him. The sacrifices he made then enabled us to have the life we have today. Many Night Fighters died on the missions he flew on but he somehow managed to live through it all.

The irony of all this is that he died at 64 years old in Albury Hospital of an infection following surgery. One would have thought this to be far less risky than being a Night Fighter in the Second World War. We are both believers in taking on plenty of risks and challenges as you never know when it is your turn. You could just as easily die from a tree falling on your roof at home while trying to avoid risks!

Enough of reminiscing and talk of ill health. We plan more exploring on foot today and a Kintamani Volcano tour on Monday.

Dinner last night was for Erica a Pork Mie Goreng and for me a Kare Tahu. The cost was A$10.50 but the budget blew out as the ambience at Café Angasa was so alluring that we consumed two Bintang Beers each costing a further A$ 14. It was money well spent as it was a faultless dining experience!

Walked down Raya Pengosekan Street near Dewi Antara and found many beautiful resorts and Restaurants. Plan to eat at one tonight. Turned into Pengosekan Street and struck the Arma Resort and Arma Museum where the 2015 Ubud Jazz festival is happening next weekend. We plan to attend so it was handy to know its location.

Raya Cokorda Gede Rai

Raya Cokorda Gede Rai

Next we turned into Raya Cokorda Gede Rai which was a revelation. It is away from the tourist area and was an Ubud working street. Not a tourist in sight so we were in heaven just observing how the locals spend Sunday. Found a group in a Temple Meeting hall making a giant white kite to enter in a competition at Sanur. Very friendly lot and were happy to explain it all to us. Saw people getting new tyres on their scooters, florists, and mobile phone shops. I was able to buy a SIM card for our phone for A$7 including A$6 worth of calls. All the service type shops a local would need were in this street.

Behind Lotus Cafe

Behind Lotus Cafe

Returning to the Tourist end of town many soon hove into view! The area was buzzing with Sunday lunching tourists especially the Lotus Café that fronted a marvellous Lotus Pond. On our very good friend Zuzee from Coorabell in the Byron Hinterland’s advice we called in at Café Luna to test pilot their Sunday Donuts. To our disappointment they had none left so we have made a note to attend earlier next Sunday.

Returned to Dewi Antara to read our books and have a cup of Ubud Coffee.