Cafe with the "Bath" - 26th April 2015

The lure of the Café with the “Bath” seating has eventually won. This place is in Jalan Carpenter (near our Chinese Medicine Men). It serves western style food in a great atmosphere and we had resisted it for that reason as we “only eat local food”.

Bath time

Bath time

We deposited ourselves for dinner last night in the “Bath” seating and soaked up the ambience. They were surprisingly comfortable and the ones we chose had an open bath plug hole beneath our derrières. It felt like one was having a bath without water. Erica chose Calamari and a Lemon Drink whilst I had Fish and Chips and a Heineken. Food was excellent and cost only 40RM all up or $14.30 Australian.  Many pics were taken!  The Café is called “Wrong Place” but turned out to be the right place.

Sunday morning and going down for a leisurely breakfast that is included in the tariff of this lovely hotel that has been “Home” to us for the last 8 days. Three to go and off to Penang.

Have been spending a lot of time thinking about the health of us Baby Boomers especially after talking to the couple yesterday who are returning to Australia because of health issues.

The concept of staying super fit, always eating a balanced diet high in fibre, only drinking in moderation or not at all, practising yoga, meditating and having every medical intervention possible to me is flawed. You will still die like the rest of us and the only difference will be that you will die very healthy of “Nothing”. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against this lifestyle as we have always exercised, eaten a balanced diet and maintained good health. My point is at the end of the day the end result is the same.

I liken the human body to a car. Imagine yourself at 60’ish as being like a well serviced and repaired one owner car that was purchased new. No matter how well one looks after a car, as it gets older the “time bomb” is ticking and sooner or later a vital part such as the gearbox or clutch if not the engine itself will fail. Humans are no different and we all face a “gearbox” failure as we age. Alas some of our friends have already had “engine failure” and are no longer with us.

I felt driven to assail my readers with the above analogy as this is why one should “Seize the Day” without delay. Today we will continue to explore and have new experiences and soak up the pleasures of living that come from this lifestyle.

Sell Up, Pack Up and Take Off while you still can!

Have just returned from a long walk along the waterfront, through old China Town, through Merdeka Plaza Shopping centre and along the shop houses leading to the Mosque. The shopping centre was packed with families shopping, eating and mingling in exactly the same way as Australians do.

Bamboo walkway

Bamboo walkway

Sunday lunch in temple

Sunday lunch in temple

India street 50 metres away (the old way to shop) was also teeming with shoppers such that we were packed into the covered walkway/footpath like sardines. Everyone was polite and smiled at us and we smiled back. With all this crowding we experienced over 40 minutes or so there was no pushing or shoving. The very deep shops were all full of prospective purchasers.

The market street leading to the Mosque was also super busy selling fish, poultry vegetables and the Indian Spices and in a way it reminded us of The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. We queried a vendor as to why his big buckets of mounded yellow cooking oils were not melting at these temperatures and he didn’t know!  All in all a wonderful thing to see all these people going about their normal Sunday business.

As the temperature was rising we ventured across the road to the Riverfront walk were we observed footings being put into the river for a new Mosque. The footing were accessed by a bamboo walkway!

Ordered 2 Yam Ice creams and settled down on a riverfront bench to take in the breeze coming across the river. A man approached us saying “It is nice to see people enjoying life”. It turns out that he had been in Sarawak 50 years ago as a Gurkha in the Army here. He was born in New Zealand and rents out his house there now and lives in a little village in the hills outside Kuching near the Indonesian border where he once fought. He had many stories to tell and we learnt a lot about early Kuching.

Clear skies over Kuching this afternoon.