Books in February 2015: Handy cookbooks, tips on moving overseas and more

16 February 2015

Bookworms! Looking to learn something new with fun yet informative reads? Check out our choice titles that are out in Singapore this February....

Sell Up, Pack Up & Take Off by Steven Wyatt and Colleen Ryan


Allen & Unwin | 233 pages

Written for Aussies, but of possible interest to a far wider readership, this horizon-expanding book is all about making a new life in Asia or Europe – somewhere other than expensive “nanny state” Australia. “Whether you’re 40-plus and feeling burnt out,” as the cover puts it, “or 50-plus and approaching retirement,” this is your guide to living an exciting, comfortable and far cheaper life overseas, either on a trial basis or for the long term.

From Bali, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia to Barcelona, the French Alps and Provence, the authors have interviewed a wide array of people who have made a new home in a foreign country. As varied as they are fascinating, these first-hand accounts are presented together with remarkable price indices that compare the costs of food, accommodation, utilities, entertainment and more in each of these locations with the generally far higher prices in Sydney.

You’ll also find plenty of practical information on visa and residential requirements for each country, plus thoughtful advice on the management of medical insurance, tax, pensions and more. 

Verne Maree