The quality of medical services may surprise you, sometimes in a very good way and sometimes not.  Chiang Mai and Penang both have excellent 5 star medical facilities with state of the art equipment and foreign trained, English speaking doctors and staff. That is medical tourism at work. On the other hand, Bali, while it is a top tier destination for tourists, follows the Indonesian rule of not allowing foreign doctors to practice there.  That has made Bali a second tier medical choice at best and prompts our insistence on travel insurance with medical evacuation an absolute must have.  It is true that good quality care can be found in Bali at Sanglah Hospital and SOS clinics but not on par with what is offered in Thailand and Malaysia.  The former French colonial cities of Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh City benefit from a legacy of quality French medical care but outside of these major cities (and Hanoi) care is local only.  Again, travel insurance is a must have in these countries.