The launch party of Sell Up, Pack Up and Take Off was held in Byron Bay Australia on August 23

The book hits the shops on August 27.

Edna Carew, a local well known writer, launched the book amidst the clinking of champagne flutes. Ed has written 25 books, including a biography of former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating. 

She made the point that researching the book was a great hardship. Travelling extensively throughout Southeast Asia and staying in delightful hotels was, well, absolutely exhausting. And having to meet exuberant retirees living the dream in places like Bali, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand, just so difficult - especially as a gin and tonic was had with most.

Colleen is a stickler for nice hotels. Ed, who has also stayed at the exquisite Eastern and Oriental Hotel in Penang, well understood just what luxury Asia hotels offer at incredibly low prices. 

  Colleen Ryan (left), Steve Wyatt (middle)

Colleen Ryan (left), Steve Wyatt (middle)

Ed also made the point that the authors, being husband and wife, only clashed once when they were staying in rooms above a 'girlie bar' in Vung Tau, Vietnam. The real issue was that they had to walk through the actual bar to get to their room, and that was normally late at night after being at dinner with retirees that had settled in Vung Tau.

About 50 people were at the launch, Charles the drinks waiter was, as always, superb and the food was excellent. Books were sold and signed and the launch, that was scheduled to take place from 5pm to 7pm ended at 9.30.

Both authors were a little slow on Sunday.