Buying Property in Bali

 In our book (Sell Up Pack Up and Take Off) we warn that the 'nominee' system of land ownership (where an Indonesian holds title) is a recipe for big problems if the law against foreign ownership of land was ever enforced. Well, there is a new government in Indonesia and they appear to be doing just that.

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As the law in Indonesia that foreigner is not allowed to own a property in Indonesia, now government said will check the status of the land in Indonesia especially in bali. Government said too many foreigner own property in bali now and they will check it slowly because government want to find the truth about the status of the land.
Government said, if the land is belong to foreigner, government will take the land / property and the land / property will be belong to government later. If the foreigner married with Indonesian people, without preup, they property might be will be belong to their wife / husband ( Indonesian people ) and their wife/ husband has the full right for the property ( means the foreigner / the local's wife/ husband ) can not get anything if they get divorce. This is the planning of government now and they will start it without telling anyone when they will start to check the status, because the government said many foreigner has hotel, restaurant, villa, etc and government don't want foreigner know about this.

Government said, this is to check the property status only and for now they don't impose sanctions to the foreigner who breaks the law ( own property in Indonesia ) but they only takes the property from the foreigner.

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